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Musician and Vocalist

False Real affiliate Keeper.
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“My mother learnt how to make bread, I learnt how to make stories about characters and put them to music.”

Here at False Real, we're absolutely obsessed with the music created by Keeper.

A unique and talented artist hailing from Staines (Yes, just like Ali G), Keeper redefines music genres effortlessly, creating addictive songs while forging his own legacy in the process.

We're proud to have Keeper as a False Real affiliate!

Music Videos by Keeper

Here We go - Official Music Video

The latest release from the incredibly talented Keeper, 'Here We Go' was released via the 'Ghost Killer Entertainment' YouTube channel. An achievement that highlights the growing popularity of this young star.

Soul - Official Music Video

Going from strength to strength, 'Soul" is just another example of the talented genius that is Keeper. 

Homegrown ft Demoakuro - Official Music Video

Keeper's debut release, is an instant classic. 'Homegrown' comes fully equipped with catchy lyrics and hilarious music video

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