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Tantskii recruits TB for new single 'This Time'

The musical magicians from the Midlands return with the latest banger from the duo.

We've already been spoiled with a Tantskii X TB collaboration this year in the form of the incredible single 'Play The Game', yet the lads are giving us another helping before the year is out. The dynamic duo previously set the bar high, showcasing their talents and effortlessly bouncing off each other lyrically, so expectations were high, and honestly? They have not disappointed!

'This Time' is another single that expertly displays the individual skills of two masters of their craft while simultaneously working perfectly as a collaboration without influencing either artist's delivery.

Tantskii, as always, brings the fire throughout the entirety of his verses. You may expect this from an artist with millions of views and a back catalogue such as his, but regardless of how many tracks you've heard, he still continues to amaze. Not only does he recement his status as one of the best, but he's also showing that his collaborations and the company he keeps are all on the same page, creating songs and videos that work perfectly.

TB is an artist we're extremely familiar with and proudly have listed as an affiliate, but he too continues to impress and surprise us regularly. For these artists to be able to work together and create pieces of such high quality is a testament to both their individual craft and the movements they're making as a group.

Sticking with familiar favourites, 'This Time' was produced, mixed, and mastered by Coatse Beats, while the video was filmed and edited by NotFazed Visuals.

The phrase dream team is overused constantly. However...

In this instance, it cannot be said enough. The familiar trademarks of each professional are present throughout, and we can only hope they continue to work together on many more tracks in the future.

While some lyrics may be unsuitable for younger or more fragile audience members, they are addictive... We take no responsibility for anyone found shouting "That's breast and a*se!".

Anyways, that's enough from us. You can check out 'This Time' below!


If you're looking for more tracks from TB, be sure to check out his affiliate page here!


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