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TB releases 'Jason Bourne Freestyle'

Starting 2023 with a bang, the local legend and punchline powerhouse, TB, has teamed up with longtime collaborator Droneology to release his 'Jason Bourne Freestyle'!

Following on from an impressive 2022, TB still has his foot down with no plans of slowing down soon. You'd think, like many others, that after performing at the Commonwealth Games and releasing his debut EP, TB may take a break from the scene to recuperate.

However, this couldn't be further from the truth.

The opening to the freestyle disproves this assumption instantly, as Tristan takes the time to add further fuel to the fire stating, "Back on top, where I must stand. Never shook man with a dusty hand."

As the freestyle continues, it suddenly becomes apparent that although the 'Jason Bourne Freestyle' will no doubt become an underground anthem for his fans, this freestyle is more of a personal anthem for the wonder from Wolves.

Without giving too much away, the 'Jason Bourne Freestyle' acts as an insight into the mind of TB, delivering his thoughts with conviction and paying homage to songs from TB's debut EP released last year. TB gives a nod to the songs featured on 'The Progression' that have accompanied him on his journey so far and where he sees his career taking him in the future.

TB and Droneology have worked together incredibly, creating a video that complements TB's delivery while making it appear effortless. This is a natural trait only seen when all parties are working on their craft at the highest level.

Now, that's enough from us! Give the 'Jason Bourne Freestyle' a listen below!


If you're looking for more tracks from TB, be sure to check out his affiliate page here!

The images used within this article and across the 'Jason Bourne Freestyle' Music Video are all owned by TB and Droneology. If you'd like to find out more from Droneology, you can find them using the links below!


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