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TB shows no signs of slowing down with his latest single 'Can't Quit'

TB Can't Quit Music Video

You may have noticed from our social media channels that TB, the Wonder from Wolves is back with a bang, and we could not be prouder!

We thought we'd go about things differently this time by promoting the video before providing our typical supporting article, giving you time to form unbiased opinions and appreciate Tristan's talent without us blowing smoke up his rear regions.

If you haven't heard it yet, you're missing out, but don't worry, we've got you covered as usual!

'Can't Quit' is another addictive single from TB that is guaranteed to bounce around in your skull for days in a good way... Like mental Flubber... Fantastic film, but we digress!

TB's usual trademark of catchy choruses, hard-hitting hooks, and brilliant bars are present as always, with the chorus perhaps being his catchiest yet! "Got bars in my jacket, my jeans, and my armpits." is more impressive than people will give TB credit for, as TB's flow and delivery magnify the impact of the syllables and the images conjured upon hearing this. Absolutely fantastic, as Gary Barlow would say!

Behind the scenes, TB enlisted a mix of new and repeat collaborators, seeing him travel across the country to complete the recording of the single and the video.

Familiar faces in the form of Taste'Dat Music, NotFazed Visuals, and Birmingham Studios provide their usual expertise, ensuring TB's thoughts and visions come to life at a high standard. Providing a northern twist on the usual concoction of Midlands-based professionals, Up North Music TV & Locked In Recordings add a dash of something different with their influence upon the process also noticeable. The video is now on Up North Music TV's YouTube channel!

The video features TB in an Audi rapping in an empty car park. While this is minimalistic, it further showcases the depths of TB's talents as the attention focusses on TB and the bars he's delivering throughout the song.

We know we're a little biased, but the lad has to be doing something right if the song has already been played on KISS Fresh, right?

Anyways, you can watch 'Cant Quit' below, enjoy!


If you're looking for more tracks from TB, be sure to check out his affiliate page here!


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