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TB & Tantskii kick off 2023 with 'Play The Game'

After putting 2023 into a chokehold with the release of his 'Jason Bourne Freestyle', TB shows no signs of letting up as he releases another unmissable hit in the form of his latest single, 'Play The Game'.

Linking up with another local legend, the Wolverhampton wordsmith effortlessly bounces bars back and forth with Brum-based beast Tantskii, creating another track guaranteed to become an underground anthem by the yocals.

Providing a much-needed boost to beat the January blues, 'Play The Game' perfectly showcases the showman within both artists, with both rappers delivering hard-hitting lyrics with precision. Reflecting on life and the paths they've taken, the lyrics featured in 'Play The Game' gives an honest insight into the minds and lives of these two talented lyricists.

Created with the help of fellow musician and sound engineer, Sovereign Tugz at Beatsabar Recording Studio in Wolverhampton, 'Play The Game' is a song that just works on all levels. Filmed by the creative NotFazed Visuals, the video itself features choppy visuals that complement the track perfectly.

A collaboration that had been on the cards for some time, we linked up with TB to find out how the inspirations and thought processes behind the release became a reality.

Speaking openly and providing an honest self-assessment of his standing within the industry, TB was in his usual high spirits when stating:

"My inspiration behind writing the song, ‘Play the Game' ft Tantskii, was that I grew tired of people questioning my ability within music and people doubting me.

Working with Tantskii is a very big thing for me. Following up from my previous release with Sox, it proves that I am a very versatile artist and can keep up with big names within the scene.

Moving forward, what's my plan for the rest of 2023? I have a track touching base and raising awareness on sexual assault from both male and female points of view. I also have a couple more big featured names jumping on tracks and plenty more..."

Despite what the title suggests, TB isn't playing the game. He's winning it. Check out the video for 'Play The Game' below!


If you're looking for more tracks from TB, be sure to check out his affiliate page here!


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