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TB teams up with J Man for 'Back 2 Back'

Back with yet another incredible collaboration in the form of 'Back 2 Back', TB returns with fellow Wolverhampton wordsmith J Man.

Teaming up to put the scene on notice, it's evident from the beginning that the two local legends are out to establish Wolverhampton's claim to the throne by force.

A City with an established underground movement that has rapidly begun to overtake other unofficial spiritual homes of Grime, Wolverhampton is already home to up-and-coming prodigies, must-see musicians, rap royalty, and a whole host of producers and artists that are using their expert talents to help support the UK music scene.

TB and J Man are no exception to this generalisation, developing their crafts and increasing the coverage and expectations of the artists within the West Midlands with ease.

TB is an artist we've been screaming from Walsall rooftops about for a few years. Whether it's touching on issues surrounding knife crime in the form of 'The Truth' or creating the instant classic 'Broken' with Birmingham-based Sox, everything Tristan Bexton touches turns to gold.

J Man, already an OG in the scene, is another artist with a similar Midas touch, effortlessly producing, promoting, and creating his own music empire as the CEO of Social Nuisance. With an impressive archive of freestyles and singles, J Man remains as hungry as ever, taking another bite out of the scene with a new collaborative EP with T Man set for release next month.

The catologue of creatives working on 'Back 2 Back' doesn't end there! Wolverhampton is a City well known for developing creatives, whatever their area of expertise. (Shout out to my old haunting ground, the Wolverhampton University Photography dark rooms!)

Several other creatives from the local scene have their fingerprints all over the latest single from TB, helping to further boost the young Wolverhampton artist into what is evidently becoming unavoidable fame while providing a nod of approval from industry peers.

Droneology, THE go-to for drone photography and videography, has again taken his craft to the next level. Despite being a relatively new name in the industry, Droneology appears to be taking note of his peers around him, improving and advancing by any means necessary. Maybe it's something in the air in the Midlands? All we know is the trait is consistent across all parties involved in the development of 'Back 2 Back'.

Aiding Droneology in the directing and producing of the video, the lineup of local legends continues as T Man finds himself part of the production team, bringing a wealth of experience to the table.

Coatse Beats and Smokehouse Studio added a touch of magic to the mixing and mastering of the final track, with _az.rael documenting the entire video with the epic stills you can see used across social media.

It should probably go without saying that the team behind this production guarantees success but don't just take our word for it. Check out the new video for 'Back 2 Back' below!


If you're looking for more tracks from TB, be sure to check out his affiliate page here!


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